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Contact Information

CB Studios LLC (US)
128 Shinham Road,
Greencastle, Pa 17225

CB Studios (UK)
3 Portland Mansions,
134-136 Marine Parade,
Brighton, BN2 1DF

Tel: 07794 426279

Website design

We take the time to sit with you and discuss your website needs, initial consultations are always free of charge.  We aim to discover what drives your organization and how best to reach your target audience.  Whether that means developing a simple brochure style site or a dynamic content driven application we have the skills to make that happen.  

Many websites require images.  CBStudios has professional photography in house with a studio at our office.  We can also come to your establishment to take pictures of your space and staff / volunteers.  

Website makeover / redesign

You may think you have all the information your clients need on your website, but the organization and navigation make it difficult to find what they're really looking for, or doesn't guide them to the information you want them to see.  Ultimately your website is not converting visitors to customers.

Let us help you make the most of your website and all the work you've already done producing all the information on it.

Perhaps your website is just in need of some touch-up.  We can offer highly cost-effective solutions to give your site a makeover.

Website maintenance

How often have you visited a website that has out of date information?  Do you have an existing website that needs periodic updates.  Let us maintain your website whether we've built it or not, keep it current and relevant to your customers.

CBStudios provides maintenance services by the hour, as much or as little as you need, as frequently as you need.

Photography services

Do you need headshots for your annual report? Perhaps you'd like to gift a member of your team a professional photoshoot.

With our mobile studio services, let CBStudios take care of your photography needs.


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