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Welcome to CBStudios

CBStudios is the realization of Chris Baker’s (Founder and owner) desire to create a business that makes a direct impact on the local community.  Chris has 15 years of experience in Web design and project management with an emphasis on financial applications and database driven content.  Chris crafted his skills and talent in London, England and New York City with clients from all over the world.  Chris “escaped” the corporate world in 2005 and established CBStudios in Hagerstown, MD.

Downtown Hagerstown is in the early stages of a renaissance.  Small retail stores and businesses are opening with increasing frequency and there is a unique opportunity to be part of that exciting development.  Many small business and startup companies feel they can’t afford a competitive and professional website.  This is where CBStudios comes in.  At CBStudios we believe that the growth of the downtown business and retail environment will ultimately make Hagerstown an even better place to live for all the community.

CBStudios focuses on small businesses and non-profit organizations.  This comes from a desire to work with individuals of like mindset.  Those with a vested interest in the success of their business or organization as well as those around them,

Contact Information

CB Studios LLC (US)
128 Shinham Road,
Greencastle, Pa 17225

CB Studios (UK)
3 Portland Mansions,
134-136 Marine Parade,
Brighton, BN2 1DF

Tel: 07794 426279

Can one company make a difference?

Yes.  There is enough local effort to suggest that this is already a growing trend.  More and more professionals are coming to the conclusion that there is some greater good that they can apply their skills to.  In doing so they find that the satisfaction gained from their efforts is immeasurably sweeter than they have previously experienced.

If any of this rings true with you then perhaps CBStudios is the kind of business partner you are after.


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